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Recommended Reading

gcguideGuide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
by Tom Martin & Duwain Whitis

Complete guide to floating the Grand Canyon! Written with the boater in mind. It includes descriptions of the major rapids and all of the campsites listed in the NPS inventory plus more. Illustrated river map .

rivguideGrand Canyon River Guide
by Buzz Belknap

Includes history, geology, river reading, archeology, and natural history. River maps of the Colorado River from Lake Powell in UT through the Grand Canyon down to Needles in CA.
mapGrand Canyon Trail Map
by Kent Schulte

Detailed topographic & trail map of 308,000 acres in central Grand Canyon. 1:40,000 scale covers 8 USGS quads. 291 miles of trails shown with trail ratings, descriptions & statistics. Most complete & accurate map of the area. Includes contours, shaded relief, UTM grid, hydrography with springs & drinking water, backcountry use zones for permit planning, and other trip information. Printed on waterproof, tear-tough paper.

hikesDay Hikes from the River
by Tom Martin

3nd Edition

This book is for the river runner who wants to gain a greater appreciation of what rafting in Grand Canyon has to offer, besides running great whitewater. This guide identifies many camps that are not listed in any other guidebook and is intended to be used by river runners to expand their knowledge base beyond the most heavily visited attraction sites on the river.

fieldA Field Guide to the Grand Canyon
by Stephen Whitney

2nd Edition

 Revised & updated, this natural history guide has complete species info on 480+ plants & animals with beautifully illustrated full-page plates for easy reference.

exploreThe Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons
by John Wesley Powell

One of the great works of American exploration literature, this account of a scientific expedition forced to survive famine, attacks, mutiny, and some of the most dangerous rapids known to man remains as fresh and exciting today as it was in 1874.

google earthI highly recommend Google Earth, a FREE broadband, 3D mapping application that puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. I've found it to be a fantastic planning resource. The satellite mapping images are unbelievable and the 3D tilt rotate allows you to fly through your selected map area with ease. To download your free copy, just click on the Google Earth logo/icon above left.

kmz-icon Marv's Grand Canyon Placemarks   Here are my saved Grand Canyon placemarks containing river mileposts, rapid ratings, descriptions and other information that can be downloaded and opened in the Google Earth application. Just click on the icon link to download them.

gps GPS-GC Waypoints  from RiverMaps™
Grand Canyon Waypoints from Lee's Ferry to South Cove. It includes camps, rapids, attraction sites, and every mile marker from Lee's Ferry to South Cove. Files can be uploaded to most GPS receivers using free software downloaded from

Streamflow Data, Colorado River At Lee's Ferry, AZ
usgs Streamflow Data, Colorado River Near Grand Canyon, AZ
usgs Streamflow Data, Colorado River Above Diamond Creek Near Peach Spring, AZ

reclamation US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Colorado Region
Glen Canyon Dam release info.

nps Grand Canyon National Park River Trips Page
The official page of the National Park Service for Colorado River trips through the Grand Canyon with additional associated links.
Colorado River Noncommercial Rafting Permits Weighted Lottery
The new system for awarding non-commercial permits for river trips through the Grand Canyon.
The 2006 Colorado River Management Plan (CRMP)  The much disputed visitor use management plan that specifies actions to conserve park resources and visitor experience while enhancing river running recreational opportunities on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park
NPS Grand Canyon Noncommercial River Trip Regulations 

Grand Canyon River Orientation Video
Grand Canyon National Park's newly released Orientation Video, A stunning, informative 40 minute video on all aspects of a Colorado River rafting trip. Includes camping tips such as dish washing setup, hand washing protocol and campsite protection. Also covers on-the-water etiquette and safety. Features great Grand Canyon footage and music.
Click on the links above or to the left to view streaming video or
for other options visit the Grand Canyon National Park Video Page.

River Runners for Wilderness
An organization for all river runners dedicated to the Wilderness Colorado River and its tributaries.

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association
Established in 1996 to provide the self-outfitted boating public with an advocate and a clear voice seeking to achieve fair access for the non-commercial river runner in Grand Canyon and the rivers of the Colorado Plateau region; to actively work in support of Wilderness designation for Grand Canyon National Park; and to seek reform of the commercial river concession industry and other outfitter concessions on our public lands.

Grand Canyon Maps
University of Texas Libraries GC Nat'l Park with trails shown:
Shaded relief map
Park Map

U S G SUSGS Topo Maps 30 x 60 minute quadrangles
These are large zip compressed pdf files. Right click on the link, download and extract from zip file..

Topo Map Icon Glen Canyon  size: 23.7mb
Topo Map Icon Tuba City   size: 23.9mb
Topo Map Icon Grand Canyon  size: 30.9mb
Topo Map Icon Mount Trumbull  size: 29mb
Topo Map Icon Peach Springs  size: 28.2mb
USGS Map Selector for 7.5 minute quadrangles and other available maps

Satellite Images of some of the major rapids in the Grand Canyon

cactus Additional Large Format Slideshows
  1. "My Scenic River Run"  (slideshow 1)
  2. "Nature of the Canyon" (slideshow 2)
  3. "Grand Start to Finish" (slideshow 3)
  4. "Old Borrowed Slides"   (slideshow 4)
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Rapids and Points of Interest listed in River Miles from Lees Ferry with (difficulty rating 1-10)
RM:1.0 - Paria Riffle
RM:8.0 - Badger Creek Rapid (5-8)
RM:11.2 - Soap Creek Rapid (5-6)
RM:12.0 - Salt Water Wash
RM:14.3 - Sheer Wall Rapid (2) Tanner Wash
RM:16.9 - House Rock Rapid (7-9)
RM:20.5 - North Canyon Rapid (5)
RM:21.5 - 21 Mile Rapid (5)
RM:23.3 - 23 Mile Rapid (4-6)
RM:24.2 - 24 M0Zile Rapid (6-8)
RM:24.5 - 24 ½ Mile Rapid (5-6)
RM:24.9 - 25 Mile Rapid (5-7)
RM:25.3 - Cave Springs Rapid (5-6)
RM:26.6 - Tiger Wash Rapid (4-5)
RM:29.2 - Silver Grotto and Shinumo Wash
RM:30.0 - Proposed site Redwall Dam (1920s)
RM:31.8 - Stanton’s Cave
RM:31.9 - Vasey’s Paradise
RM:33.0 - Red Wall Cavern
RM:34.8 - Nautiloid Canyon
RM:35.0 - The Bridge of Sighs
RM:37.6 - Tatahatso Wash/Camp
RM:43.0 - Point Hansbrough & Anasazi Bridge
RM:43.7 - President Harding Rapid
RM:46.6 - Triple Alcoves
RM:47.0 - Saddle Canyon
RM:51.9 - Little Nankoweap Creek
RM:52.2 - Nakoweap Area
RM:56.0 - Kwagunt Rapid (6) (Marble Canyon)
RM:61.4 - Little Colorado River
RM:64.7 - Carbon Creek
RM:65.6 - Lava Canyon (Chuar) Rapid (3-5)
RM:68.4 - Tanner Rapid / Furnace Flats
RM:72.3 - Unkar Delta Puebloan dwellings
RM:72.5 - Unkar Rapid (6-7)
RM:74.8 - Escalante
RM:75.5 - Nevills Rapid (6)
RM:76.8 - Hance Rapid (8-10)
RM 77.2 - Upper Granite Gorge/ End Marble
RM:78.7 - Sockdolager Rapid(8-9)
RM:81.1 - Vishnu/Grapevine
RM:81.5 - Grapevine Rapid (8)
RM:83.5 - 83 Mile Rapid (3-5)
RM:83.8 - Lone Tree C/H
RM:84.0 - Clear Creek Camp
RM:84.6 - Zoroaster Rapid (5-8)
RM:85.0 - 85 Mile Rapid (2-6)
RM:85.8 - Cremation Camp – Above Phantom
RM:87.5 - Kaibab Bridge/Phantom Ranch
RM:87.8 - Bright Angel Rapid and Bridge
RM:89.0 - Pipe Springs Rapid (4-5)
RM:90.2 - Horn Creek Rapid (8-10)
RM:93.5 - Granite Rapid (9)
RM:95.0 - Hermit Rapid (8-9)
RM:96.8 - Boucher Rapid (3-5) C
RM:98.2 - Crystal Rapid (10)
RM:99.2 - Tuna Creek Rapid (6)
RM:101.3 - Saphire Rapid (7)
RM:102.0 - Turquoise Rapid (3-6)

RM:103.9 - 104 Mile Rapid (5-7)
RM:104.6 - Ruby Rapid (6-7)
RM:106.0 - Serpentine Rapid (6-8)
RM:107.8 - Bass Rapid (3-6)
RM:108.2 - Beach and trailhead for Bass’s Camp
RM:108.7 - Shinumo Rapid
RM:112.2 - Waltenberg Rapid (6-9)
RM:112.6 - 112½ Mile Rapid (1-6)
RM:114.4 - Garnet Canyon
RM:116.5 - Elves Chasm
RM:116.9 - Stephen Aisle (End Granite)
RM:119.8 - Salt Deposits
RM:120.1 - Blacktail Canyon & Conquistador Aisle (Middle Granite)
RM 121.7 - 122 Mile Rapid(4-6)
RM 122.8 - Forster Rapid (3-6)
RM 125.0 - Fossil Rapid (3-6)
RM 126.6 - Middle Granite Gorge
RM 128.7 - 128 Mile Rapid (3)
RM 129.0 - Specter Rapid (5-6)
RM 130.5 - Bedrock Rapid (6-8)
RM 131.7 - Deubendorff Rapid (5-8) Stone Cr.
RM 133.7 - Tapeats Creek&Thunder River(4-5)
RM 135.5 - Granite Narrows Camp
RM 136.2 - Deer Creek
RM 137.0 - Pancho’s Kitchen Camp
RM 139.0 - Fishtail
RM 143.5 - Kanab (start of fast flow on river)
RM 147.9 - Matkatamiba Canyon
RM 149.9 - Upset Rapid (6)
RM 151.0 - Ledges Camp Above Havasu
RM 153.0 - Mt. Sinyella
RM 156.7 - Havasu
RM 164.5 - Tuck Up Canyon/Rapid R
RM 166.0 - National Rapid/Canyon
RM 168.0 - Fern Glen Canyon/Camp/Firewood
RM 171.2 - Gateway/Mohawk Canyon
RM 174.0 - Cove Canyon
RM 177.1 - Honga Springs Camp L
RM 177.7 - Above Anvil Camp L
RM 178.0 - Vulcan’s Anvil Camp R
RM 178.9 - Above Lava Camp
RM 179.2 - Lava Rapid! (10)
RM 179.3 - Lava Well (Water)
RM 180.0 - Little Lava Falls C
RM 188.0 - Whitmore Wash
RM 198.5 - Parashant Camp / Book of Worms
RM 202.0 - Camp/Hike
RM 205.2 - Canyon, Spring Camp
RM 206.6 - Indian Canyon/Camp Ruins
RM 209.0 - Granite Park Canyon L Shade
RM 211.6 - Fall Canyon R
RM 212.0 - Pumpkin Springs
RM 215.6 - Three Springs Canyon Water
RM 215.9 - Lower Granite Gorge
RM 220.0 - Camp
RM 220.4 - Granite Springs L
RM 222.0 - Canyon - No Shade Camp
RM 226.0 - DIAMOND CREEK takeout
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